It started out with four guys, a girl, and a passion for helping others. For over a year we have been pioneering the effort to bring affordable IT to the non-profit community.

Our Mission was founded to deliver high-performance, low cost technology solutions to non-profit organizations to help them focus attention back towards the community.

Our Impact

  • Implemented a Cloud Workspace solution that increased user productivity, lowered desktop costs and allowed for one touch user support at a local non-profit organization.
  • Migrated the entire employee base of an education based non-profit to Microsoft Office 365 saving money and increasing collaboration.
  • Completed multiple training sessions to spark adoption of cloud based applications including Microsoft Office 365 and reduce the resistance to accepting the process change.
  • Grant application assistance that resulted in new network hardware and technology for a local non-profit. 
  • We've helped multiple non-profits in the healthcare space make HIPAA compliant technology decisions.
  • Offer supplemental IT support to over taxed teams during an organizations most busy time.
  • Unified an organization's multi-location network, allowing them to reduce ISP and technology spend.