How Can We Help?

Our Service Packages are designed to benefit all types of non-profit organizations.  We understand that organizations can have varying needs based on size, staff, location(s) and cause.  These cost-effective options have the ability to greatly improve employee efficiency, reduce overall IT spend, and ultimately allow your team to aim focus back at the community instead of the computer.

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tier 1 package

The Tier 1 package is made for organizations who have dedicated IT on staff making high level decisions and maintaining day to day, but want assurance their applications live on a reliable platform. Your organization wants one click service and fast response times. Perfect for the risk aware planner who Gets Things Done.


  • OS Maintenance and Support
  • System Monitoring (Standard)
  • Service Desk
  • Antivirus Support

tier 2 package

The Tier 2 package is perfect for organizations who need some dedicated IT support. We will assist team members with Desktop, Router, and Network Support, help manage your important applications and monitor critical systems to prevent outages. Your organization might need help keeping up with scaling growth or needs a cost effective solution for outdated hardware. Efficiency guru's who know when to delegate, this one's for you.


  • Desktop/Helpdesk Support
  • Router and Network Support
  • Cloud Application Management
  • System Monitoring (Enhanced)
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TIER 3.png

tier 3 package

Our Tier 3 package is the complete solution for the organization with no time left for IT. Helping organizations spend more time and resources servicing our community vs. navigating through technology issues is what we get exicited about. We have experience helping customers migrate from old hardware to the cloud, resulting in immediate efficiency gains. Compliance and security can be a scary thought to some, but our team's experience and focus allows you to be worry free. Tier 3 is for realists and dreamers alike, who are confident IT can make teams more productive, compliant and efficient, but don't know exactly how to get there. 


  • Fully Cloud Manage Services package (including Cloud Workspace)
  • Firewall and VPN Support
  • Virtual CIO