Use Cloud Solutions to Simplify Your Technology

Technology has delivered massive benefits to every non-profit organization. But somewhere along the line while you were focus on your mission and growing awareness of your cause, technology took over. The applications, systems and servers you depend on to get things done now demand more and more of your time, money and resources.

The biggest companies have whole departments to handle all of that. But for non-profit organizations the technology burden is becoming unsustainable - pulling valuable resources away from things that matter most. Change that today.


Why the cloud simplifies your life


  • Instant updates to the latest versions - The update and upgrade hassle is gone. It just happens in the background.
  • Everything is backed up - Lost Laptop? No Problem. Ransomeware attack? You're defend and backed up in the cloud
  • Predictable costs - Just a simple subscription model.
  • Easier tech support - There's no chasing where in the stack the technology problem is. So you can focus on your mission.
  • No hardware or software to buy and own - Nothing to buy, install, manage and maintain. Just the functionality you need, on tap.
  • Security that's built in - With enterprise encryption. It's way more secure that your on-site IT 
  • Access from any device anywhere - Cloud workspaces run from any browser on any device. If the user is authorized, they're supported.
  • No over-provisioning - Never pay for more than you need today. Pay per user and scale as needed

Any three of these benefits would be enough to convince most growing non-profit organizations that it's time to get out of the IT business

But take them all together, and the business case writes itself.


Cloud Desktops - Makes you desktops more flexible, easier to use, easier to mange and easier to secure. It also lowers your IT costs. This technology separates your desktop from physical hardware, which enables your users to access their virtual desktop from anywhere , on any device.

Cloud Applications - The applications that you use every day are a critical determinant to your non-profit organization success. Weather its your SaaS apps or applications  hosted on on-perm servers, accessing from a cloud workspace will make them more secure and drive down the cost of ownership.


Cloud Voice Solution - Is for non-profit organizations looking for all the features of a full blown on-premises system, but without the costs, maintenance, and location headaches of hosting it yourself. Maintenance and upgrades are automatic, without the need for costly and disruptive on-site visits.

Cloud Storage and Backups - Empowers your end-users to easily access files from anywhere and collaborate on files, while securing your critical data.  While disasters and ransomware attacks can occur at anytime, having a backup solutions means you're ready to get back to business after any incident.